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About Us

The dictionary defines Dignity as "the quality of being worthy of esteem or honor, worthiness."

We believe that every individual wants to live their life with dignity, both in their own eyes and in the eyes of those around them.

Unfortunately, sometimes conditions arise that attack a person's dignity and make it difficult to feel worthy of esteem or honor or to believe that others see you as worthy of those things. The vision of Dignity Products is to develop, produce and sell products that improve the quality of life of our customers by helping to restore their dignity.

Our first product, the ProTect™ fecal incontinence device, is a great example of this. The emotional consequences of a public fecal "accident" can be devastating. People who suffer from this condition confess to radically changing their lives and restricting their activities, even to the point of social withdrawal, in an effort to avoid even the possibility of such an accident.

The ProTect™ was designed to give patients control over their own bowel movements when that control has been taken away by illness or injury. It was designed to allow them to interact with others without the crippling fear of an "accident." It was designed, in other words, to restore their dignity.